Las Bardenas Reales of Navarra

Las Bardenas Reales of Navarra

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Las Bardenas Reales de Navarra is the name of an area in the southwest of Navarre, in the middle of the Ebro Valley, covering 41,845 hectares.

Forming a vast uninhabited wilderness and also known as the desert of colours, it is the largest desert in Europe.

The Las Bardenas area is bordered by 13 Navarrese municipalities (Valtierra, Arguedas, Carcastillo, Santacara, Mélida, Rada, Caparroso, Villafranca, Cadreita, Tudela, Cabanillas, Fustiñana and Buñuel) and 5 belonging to the Autonomous Community of Aragón (Tauste, Ejea de los Caballeros, Sádaba, Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico).

Las Bardenas describes a landscape of mountains, gullies and cliff faces sculpted by relentless erosion. In the heart of the area, scenery that deserves no other description than desert-like lies alongside areas of Mediterranean scrubland and pine woods.

For centuries, it has provided a winter refuge for the huge flocks of sheep that graze in the upper reaches of the valleys of Roncal and Salazar in the summer.

Las Bardenas also used to be a hideaway for bandits, one of the most notorious of whom was Sanchicorrota. You can now visit the hideout where he used to lie low from the posses sent to seek him out on top of the peak that bears his name. The hideout is a cave built for him by friends who he murdered as soon as the job was done so that no-one would know where to find him.

Las Bardenas Reales is now a popular location for shooting films and adverts. Indeed, many producers choose our hotels to accommodate their film crews while shooting there.

Unique in terms of landscape and natural wealth, the area attracts hoards of people coming to perform a wide range of activities.

Las Bardenas Reales de Navarra has been declared a Natural Park and a Biosphere Reserve.

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