Wifi…To Catch Pokemon!

Wifi…To Catch Pokemon!



If a good connection Wifi already was the service best valued and demanded by the hotel guests, with the new phenomenon ” catch- Pokemon ” it has turned into a MUST the latter weeks.

Pokemon Go Bed4u Hotels


So much it is so this mobile app, created by Nintendo and download leader worldwide, is influencing even the comments and valuations that the tourists users overturn of the hotels, which try to dizzily fit with this trend and to turn into Pokemon Go Friendly to answer to the demand of his clients. As example the following comment on a four stars hotel , which remain relegated to the absence of Pokemon to catch.


What has this game? Precisely that is a game. Nintendo has highlighted that the gamificación is a sure bet for any company of any sector. And in this case, the hotels will have to get on the stick because Pokemon Go is going to overturn  the experience of the tourists in destination. It has just begun.




‘Hunting’ at Bed4U Hotels

The Pokemon already have come to Bed4U Hotels, and have done it to remain. These Galicians have been the first ones in finding to his ‘dam – Pokemon’ in the cafeteria of Tudela’s hotel while they were taking a beer, and we assure you that at Pamplona and Castejón many “poke-friends”are waiting for you 😉

Pokemon Go Bed4u Hotels Tudela Pokemon Go Bed4u Hotels Tudela 2